The London Transit Commission (LTC) operates conventional bus transportation in London, as well as Specialized Transit for persons with disabilities. At Western and Fanshawe, a public bus pass is included in tuition for all full-time students.

Not sure when your bus will arrive? You can access London Transit bus service information live by GPS on Google Maps or WebWatch, which uses real-time maps and up-to-the-minute estimated arrival times. You can also download the android phone apps MyLTC and London Transit Buses, or the iPhone app London OnTime.

If you are not eligible for a bus pass, you will need to pay for your fare using exact cash, bus tickets, or a purchased monthly pass. SuperSaver Bus Tickets cost less than paying with cash and you can buy them at most convenience stores in London, as well as the Fanshawe College Bookstore and Western Connections in the UCC.

Campus Transportation

Free shuttle buses run between Brescia University College and King’s University College via main campus from Monday to Friday. You do not need to show a bus pass.  Bus routes are identified by a number on the front of the bus.

To help students grocery shop, Fanshawe College has a shuttle bus every Tuesday night that runs from the Real Canadian Superstore located at Oxford and Gammage. The shuttle runs just outside of Falcon Residence and the Student Centre building.

There are many taxi companies in London. They charge either per kilometre, or per zone, and all charge a small fee as soon as you enter the vehicle.

Find licensed taxi services on the City’s Taxicab and Limousine Licensing page under Contact Us on the right side of the page.

Uber is also an option, which allows you to choose your ride and set your location through an app. You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.

Robert Q Airbus and Voyageur Transportation will pick you up and drop you off at London, Detroit, or Toronto Airport.

No need to leave your car overnight and pick it up in the morning! Call a designated driving service that will meet you at your location. They will send two drivers – one will chauffeur you and your guests to your final destination in your own vehicle, the second driver will pick up your chauffeur.

London’s designated driving services:

Both Western’s Parking and Visitor Services and Fanshawe’s Parking Options page have information about on campus permits and parking lot locations.

The City has parking regulations to address safety, traffic flow and community aesthetics. The following are some common violations in residential areas:

  • Park within 2 metres of fire hydrant $80
  • Park in Fire Route $80
  • Block driveway access $55
  • Park over/on sidewalk $55
  • Park on the street between Labour Day and Victoria Day between 3 am and 5 am or on any street where signs posted (around Fanshawe/Western) $35
  • Parking on grass $55

If you drive to school from off campus and want to save money on gas and parking, consider carpooling. You can carpool every day or just a few days a week. Even one day a week means a 20 percent reduction in weekly wear and tear on your vehicle.

Need a car for a weekend trip or to lug your groceries home? Zipcar and Community Car Share allow you to buy an annual membership to have on-demand access to a vehicle when you need it. You will be charged hourly rates which include gas and insurance.

Regional Rideshare connects drivers and riders from all over Southwestern Ontario. Share rides to work, school and events.

The City’s Transportation Choices webpage has information on biking and walking in London, including route maps.

Western’s Purple Bikes is a non-profit group that can help you take advantage of the many bike paths in London. Purple Bikes offers two great services:

  • Bicycle Rentals available for 48 hours, one week or on a monthly basis.
  • Bike Workshops where volunteers provide tools and advice about how to fix your bike. They sell new and refurbished bike parts and sometimes bikes.

Membership is open to students, staff, faculty and the community for a five dollar annual fee.

Co-ed Foot Patrol Teams

Feel safe while walking on Western campus by using Foot Patrol. Volunteer teams provide safe escorts on the main and affiliate college campuses, including some off campus locations.

The co-ed teams will wait with you at bus stops, ensure you reach your car safely in campus parking lots, and escort you to your residence or any other building on campus.

The London International Airport has direct flights across Canada and to several sunny destinations.

The Via Rail Train Station is downtown at 205 York Street. The train is a great option if you are heading to Toronto and don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

The Greyhound Bus is another convenient way to travel. The terminal is located downtown at 101 York Street.