Confused about the different levels of government and their functions? TVO has a pretty awesome animation that explains Who Does What? The City of London has a Civics 101 YouTube playlist with presentations about municipal government and the role City Hall plays in our community.

To keep informed about City initiatives and upcoming events, sign up for the City of London’s online bi-weekly “Our City” Newsletter.

Find out about young women getting involved in politics and civic engagement in their community through the 25% initiative.

In accordance with section 17 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, in order to be eligible to vote, you must:

(a) reside in the local municipality or be the owner or tenant of land there, or be the spouse of such owner or tenant;

(b) be a Canadian citizen;

(c) be at least 18 years old; and

(d) not be prohibited from voting under subsection 17 (3) of the Act or otherwise by law.

As a student, you can vote in both your home municipality and the municipality where you are attending school (London!).

Don’t know who is running for office in the election? To find out who is running and about the election in general, visit

The next municipal elections will be held in 2018.

Pillar Nonprofit Network provides information about volunteer opportunities in London.

Western’s Student Success Centre provides students with volunteer opportunities both on and off campus. Find paid and volunteer opportunities on Western’s USC involvement page.

Fanshawe College Student Union connects students with many areas on campus to volunteer: event promotions, the on-campus food bank, smoking cessation, class representatives and other events/initiatives happening around campus..

Another way to be involved in community life is by applying to serve on one of the City’s Advisory Committees. The Committees are open to volunteers from the public who want to make a difference by providing advice to City Council on particular issues.

The London Public Library offers many great student volunteer opportunities. From sharing your sense of fun with a child who is learning to read, to helping someone learn to send an email, you can make a real difference and get to know your community. Opportunities are available at various library locations throughout the City of London.

Joining a community group outside of campus is another way to network and be involved. Emerging Leaders is a non-profit focused on the retention, development, and engagement of emerging talent.

The London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) is a youth government that exists to ensure that youth voices are integrated into local public policy decisions. Also check out London for the Win for a list of cool groups and local events.

On-Campus Clubs

Fanshawe Student Union has over 30 different social, advocacy, professional, and religious/cultural clubs on campus. allows you to register for over 200 Western clubs online.